Mountain View Lodge & Resort - Lake Chelan - Manson, Washington, WA 98831, United States
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Mountain View Lodge & Resort - Lake Chelan

Sure, you can find a hotel anywhere. But we want to provide you with something a little different. Something a little special. We believe that your visit should be about peace, relaxation, simplicity, flexibility and exploration altogether. Even if it’s business. This philosophy influences everything we do. It’s you, the free-spirits, the suits, the world travelers, the families and couples, and the lone rangers that we are looking for. It’s no surprise that our guests become family. They return again and again because we share a common desire. The hot tub and great rates probably don’t hurt either.

We also know the secrets to Manson and the Lake Chelan Valley! We constantly contribute to a better community, and we know the special places, too. Inside and out! Great people, great places, great food, and great beds… that’s the ticket. So, read on. Or browse other pages. Or make your reservation now. Your room is ready.

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Mountain View Lodge & Resort - Lake Chelan
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