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For as long as I can remember, my family and I have been attending the Manson Apple Blossom Festival. It’s one of those great things that locals just refuse to miss out on.

The Manson Apple Blossom Festival has been a staple of our town since May 11th, 1921. Back then the event was held on Wednesdays and the parade involved several automobiles driving through the orchards. Afterwards everyone would gather at a public dance under the pavilion.

Things have changed a lot in the last 90 years. We've expanded the events to include the annual marathon, quilt show, and art fair. All of the events are all on main street so its easy to walk to. We're able to vote for our favorite quilts and art pieces. The entire town flourishes in local talent. Even the yearly Apple Blossom Design is created by students.

The parade is the main event of the festival. It's unlike anything you've ever seen in the city. First, there is no traffic leading to the event. It's easy to find free parking nearby and people line up chairs along the road to sit in. Children run up and down the sidewalks, taking in the views and collecting candy from floats. The parade always includes the Manson Royalty, local high school women who work hard in the community. There are dancing horses, veterans, and marching bands. It is a fantastic historical event that brings everyone together. The day ends with a big dinner hosted by the Manson Royalty.