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Peace and Serenity in the Valley

Autumn and winter can be a stressful time for everyone; school has started, the holidays are right around the corner, and we're constantly running around trying to get things done. Personally, I haven't taken a day to myself in weeks. I cannot even imagine how frantic mothers must be. It feels as though everything is happening all at once. We need to decorate, cook, buy and wrap gifts...It is exciting and exhausting work.

One thing that we can do to protect ourselves is take the time to relax. You might feel like it is impossible to find the free time right now, but trust me -- if you plan ahead and keep your determination up, you'll be able to do it.

The employees here at the MVL are in love with YogaChelan. Every weekday they are hosting multiple classes for every age and level of skill. On the weekends they performs hot yoga, gentle yoga, and strength building yoga.

In November and December YogaChelan is doing a lot of big events. The day after Thanksgiving, they are doing a detox event that focuses on deep breathing, twists, and acupressure movements. That weekend they are teaching intro level aerial yoga by flying off the mat and into swings. At the beginning of the New Year they will complete a three hour hike and yoga in the snow class. It is a beautiful way to begin 2017 and end the holiday stress.

Due to my complete lack of balance and hectic schedule, I tend to enjoy the Candlelight Quiet Yoga event in December the most. There is something so soothing about spending a couple of hours in a room lit by candles and fairy lights. These days it is rare to have a chance to close our eyes, breathe in slowly, and breathe out all of the stress we’ve been building up. We really deserve to take a moment to heal from our daily life and enjoy the little moments more.

Have you taken the time to admire the sights outside? The Lake Chelan Valley is gorgeous this time of year. In autumn the streets of Manson are lined with brightly colored trees. It doesn’t rain very frequently here, so the leaves are crisp when you jump into them. Last week, I was nearly late to work one morning because I took a few extra minutes to drive around. As winter grows near, you can see the mountain tops getting covered in snow. Day-by-day the line of snow extends downward toward the valley until finally it begins to snow in town.

These brief moments of beauty help us to breathe before and after yoga. You shouldn’t just stop and smell the roses in spring. Stop and admire the feeling of the first snowflake landing on the tip of your nose. Stop and watch the orange leaves raining down onto the street. Stop and feel the warmth of a fresh cup of apple cider in your hands. These are the little moments that make this time of year exciting and you deserve to experience them.

Check out YogaChelan at http://yogachelan.com/

Talk to you again soon,

Katie Joy