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Day Trips

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Are you a "Day Tripper?"  Have you been caught "Day Trippin'?"

Well, good for you!  And this is the perfect place to do it from!  Go ahead, get settled right here at Mountain View Lodge and Resort and then set out for adventure.  Chelan County is known as Washington's Playground after all.  And when you add in the region known as North Central Washington, you just can't go wrong.  And guess who's smack dab in the middle of it all!  Yep, us.  In fact, you might have to schedule another trip or two so that the adventure can continue! 

Below are a few FABULOUS ideas to get your list started, and if that's not enough... let us know your interests and we'll get you pointed in the right direction.

Stehekin is a gorgeous small town located at the Northwest end of Lake Chelan. The area is only accessible by ferry, hiking, or float plane, but that has never stopped visitors from going there. Take a day trip to see the 312' Rainbow Falls, the beloved Stehekin Pastry Company, and the one-room Stehekin School. 

When you step into Ohme Gardens it feels like you have been transported into a fairytale. What began as a secret family retreat in 1929, the gardens have grown to be a favorite getaway for the locals of Central Washington. This area is very family-friendly and there are several paths through the garden that are easier for the elderly and disabled. 

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The Echo Valley Family Ski Area is the perfect winter day excursion in Manson. It does not matter if you are a beginner skier or a seasoned snowboarder, Echo Valley has lessons for every skill level. If you are lucky enough to be here on New Year's Eve then you can check out their Torchlight Parade. Just don't forget grab a hot cocoa by their indoor fireplace! 

Take a peek at the incredible power of the Earth when you visit Dry Falls. This area was formed nearly twenty-thousand years ago by glaciers and flooding. The Dry Falls Visitor Center is the perfect place to learn about local geology, wildlife, and early human history. Try walking all fifteen miles of hiking trails or take a relaxing afternoon at the golf course.  

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